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The Assignment:  “Blog about anything technology related”

I saved this post for last as I knew the end would be an inspiration for things “Technology Related” in the beginning.  Learning 2.0 is all the technology I’ll need to test the learning waters and explore the vastness of knowledge management.  The tool most likely to change my life as a result of this experience may just be “wikis”.  Several educational related organizations have begun using this as a viable teaching and training tool.  It’s high time that we meet learners where they are.  And if wikis and blogs are the places where learners meet, then I’ll follow them there.  Here’s some examples:


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Learning 2.0 – It’s only just begun

Wow!  What a fantastic ride.  Learning 2.0 was just a glimpse into all the possibilities for learning within the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more than I ever expected to.  Not everyone will acclimate to things 2.0 but I think a majority of those who participated will find a place for at least 1 or 2 Web 2.0 tools in their professional lives.  Thank you for the learning!  This is only the beginning!  Learning 2.0!

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The discovery exercise called for downloading via NetLibrary but I’ve been there and done that.  What I hadn’t done until recently was download e-books via Overdrive, a digital media downloading service, the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County will be soon be offering to patrons.  Downloading was easy after installation of a plug-in.  The Overdrive Media Console controls playback of downloaded materials.  No formal training is necessary, but there are good help files if you need them. 

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Locating podcasts in one of my interest genres was easy, however, the results was less than stellar.  The search tool, PodcastDirectory.com helped me conduct a broad search for African American podcasts.  I think a clearing house for locating podcasts is as necessary as a blog locator like Technorati.

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YOUTube – My Secret Desires

YouTube is my ticket to stardom.  My favorite category is Comedy.  I’ll be a YouTube comedian if it ____ me.  Yep, In 2007 look for the comedic stylings of yours truly.  Need a good laugh?  YouTube Baby, YouTube. 

Preview “Thomas the Tank”

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and the Winner is….

Craigslist.  This site has a strong message for “E-Bayians”  Craigslist the consummate classifieds is truly much more.  It’s about community.  It’s a .org.  If you pay close attention, you’ll see that it is a lot to do about social commentary.  It’s a peek inside the places and spaces that we all have been or desire to go.  The things we want to possess or dispossess.  Don’t believe the hype, check it out for yourself . I’ve even bookmarked the Queen City so you’ll have a starting place. 

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Google Rules the Word Processor

I am trying out the Google word processor. Besides it being simple! Here are some of the features that
I really like:

  • Collaborate with others
  • Publish with a unique URL
  • Seamlessly connect to your blog.

OBTW:  Another nice feature is having both the Docs & Spreadsheets options side by side for easy access.

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To the Sandbox

Learning and playing just can’t be seperated.  I’ve been to the Sandbox and I’ve played.

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Do you Disco? Remember Wiki, Wiki, Wiki?

Nothing is new under the sun.  This discovery exercise(#16) was to look at library wikis and blog about them.  I cannot, however, overlook the worlds most celebrated Wiki, “Wikipedia”.  Next to the dictionary, this is my ready reference library. 

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The Future of Libraries – 2.0 to go?

Libraries of the Future.  If only we could ask George Jetson and his boy Elroy, not to mention his dog Astro.  Well here’s another take on the future of libraries as examined from where the strengths of the instituion lie.  I think you’ll agreee that Library 2.0/Web 2.0 have a place in our Library space.  You be the judge, Take a look at the Future as seen through the eyes of  Stephen Abram, MLS, is vice president, Innovation, for SirsiDynix

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